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Year: 1993

Conditions: Used

State: Sold

Used shear baler mod. TAURUS C & G RANGER 540 :

Main Technical details:

Shearing Force: 500 Ton;

Hold down clamp force: 90 Ton;

Compression Box Length : 5000 mm;

Nr. 2 cylinder per wing;

-Force of the wing on the material: circa 250 Ton;

Longitudinal compression force: 120 Ton;

Bale dimensions: 800 x 600 mm x Variabile;

Equipped with :


IVECO Diesel Engine 315kW;

Electric board panel,PLC and Electronics brand new;

Hydraulic Sealings brand new;

Hydraulic hosed brand new;

Bladed and blade spacers brand new;

Machine repainted completely;

Machine body structure rainforced over required .