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Industry 4.0: how to take advantage of the advantages for the purchase of presses and shears.

18 November 2021

The Industry 4.0 facilities promoted by Mise are aimed at the digitalized industrial transformation of small and medium-sized Italian companies.

In the last period you must have heard about Industry 4.0 and how the actions and measures implemented in the transition process can be a real possibility for our country, especially after the pandemic year. What are we talking about? The process that leads to an interconnected and automated industrial production resulting from the fourth industrial revolution.   It is increasingly clear that to overcome the crisis, Italian companies need immediate solutions and to look to the future. Looking to the future means investing in efficiency, reducing energy consumption and advanced technologies. Let’s see in detail what are the advantages and why the presses and shears of Ecotecnica Europe fall into the 4.0 models.

The 2021 Budget Act strengthens the 4.0 tax credit, that is, the tax concession in which the company has a debt to the State, used to offset taxes due.

What is new about the old measures?

  • Facilities extended until December 2022
  • Two-year extension of tax credits. Increase in rates, excluding those on training. 4.0 benefits increase from 40 to 50% in 2021

  • The Bonus for the purchase of industrial machinery rises to 50%, until 31 December 2021, and then falls to 40% the year after.
  • You can also get additional benefits with the Sabatini Nuova and the Sud bonus, from 60 to 95% tax relief.

Take advantage of the bonus increase and purchase an Ecotecnica Europe shear press by the end of 2021. From November 2020 until December 2022, receive a tax credit with a 20% deposit of the amount of capital equipment purchased within the following 6 months. The measures in favour of the industrial transition also come from the Recovery Found that provides about 24 billion euros, ensuring faster times for use, continuity and security for companies. The concessions on purchases of tangible or intangible new assets, instrumental to production, have retroactive effect from 16/11/2020.

“We need to extend and make the national Transition 4.0 plan easily accessible in order to accompany companies in the process of technological innovation and environmental sustainability” – these are the words of President Draghi on Industry 4.0

Ecotecnica Europe: presses and shears 4.0

Buy a Ecotecnica Europe press and shear press to take advantage of the bonus. Our presses have all the characteristics of 4.0 products, designed for increased productivity and savings in terms of working hours and energy consumption. The technological progress applied to production has as its ultimate goal the reduction of the impact on the environment: the transition is also energetic, with machinery that provide a careful monitoring of consumption and a progressive reduction. Industry 4.0 is benefiting from new digitised technologies that allow better working conditions, increased quality and productivity. In fact, equipment controlled by computerised and automatic systems belongs to category 4.0. The characteristics of the presses that allow you to access credit:

  • Interconnection with other informative machines or digital tools
  • Sensors to improve press performance
  • Software for quality control, part number tracking, deliveries
  • High safety standards
  • The presence of touchscreen devices allows to monitor the press: designing the number of operations to be carried out or checking in real time any alarms.

The strengths of our projects allow you to purchase presses using the tax credit. To know how to take advantage of all 2021 tax benefits, contact us

Industry 4.0: how to take advantage of the advantages for the purchase of presses and shears.
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