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Nuova Sabatini Green: questions start in January

23 February 2023

Nuova Sabatini Green is putting in place new measures to encourage the purchase of presses and shears from 2023, aimed at supporting the activity of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

In general, the Interministerial Decree of 22 April 2022 has regulated two lines of intervention: the New Sabatini Green, aimed at facilitating the access of companies (SMEs) to finance and grants for investments in machinery, new plants and equipment for low environmental impact production and the Nuova Sabatini Sud, which provides extra benefits for companies operating in southern Italy.

Last 6th of December, the Mise has finally published the Circular Directory n 410823, which explains the details of the New Sabatini Green. Now let us look at the additions and tax concessions that are also envisaged for the sector of junkyard.

All productive sectors are admitted, except for financial and insurance activities. The circular describes the terms and conditions for the submission of applications, the requirements, as well as the outline of the application and all the documentation that the company must provide to benefit from the facilities provided by 1 January 2023.

The soft loans provided by the contribution sabatini (keyword not correct) Green will be used to support investments and partially cover the interest and green investments related to the purchase of machinery and equipment with low environmental impact, which must be demonstrated by a related certification on the machinery, equipment or production process.

Do you need to buy a shear press? Request information from Ecotecnica Europe agents, always updated about the current regulatory changes.

On the website of the Mise, we read that the investment can be covered in full by bank loan or lease. In addition, the funding can be covered by the guarantee of the Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises and for the coverage to be extended to 80% of the amount of the funding itself it is important that such conditions occur:

  • Duration: not more than 5 years
  • Amount: between 20 thousand and 4 million euro
  • Use: to cover eligible investments

In addition, the Ministry’s contribution is calculated on a financing of the duration of 5 years, commensurate with the value of interest and equal amount of investment with an annual interest rate of: 2.75% ordinary investments, 3.575% investments 4.0 (read here what is in industry 4.0) and 3.575% for green investments (from 1 January 2023)

The application procedure remains the same for Sabatini Green, as well as for the previous measures see investments 4.0: The company submits to the bank or intermediary the request for financing together with the request for access to the contribution. It is the bank or the financial intermediary that, after checking the formal and fiscal regularity of the attached documentation, makes the reservation of economic resources.

In conclusion, Nuova Sabatini Green is aimed at encouraging the sustainability of production processes, favouring the purchase of eco-machinery and technology such as our presses.

For information on the New Sabatini 2023 please visit the Mise website (link) or fill out the form here: one of our representatives will shortly contact you !

Nuova Sabatini Green: questions start in January
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