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Presses from Ecotecnica Europe: how we optimize production time.

27 April 2022

The Ecotecnica Europe shear presses and presses, appreciated nationally and internationally, allow to optimise production time through a high level of design and the use of quality and made in Italy components.

Technology and attention to customer needs have allowed us to enrich our press catalogue with high quality products for self grinders and for the whole sector of ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling.

Our machines are fixed or transportable and equipped with systems to guarantee the safety of the employees of the companies that use them. We see in detail the characteristics of the machines in our catalogue.

Presses for scrap and cars: our models

Our top models for junkyard are Condor, Griffon, Manta and Orca.

The Orca is mainly used in the field of self-demolition, Griffon and Condor for the recycling of ferrous material of all kinds.

In general, the presses differ in the size of the bale coming out. The function and type of compression are the same, because in all variants, the press is used to “pack” ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Our presses have two compressions, one by the movement of covers and the other by a pusher cylinder, which performs a longitudinal compression. The machines can be operated either by remote control or by cab mounted control with operator console.

Ecotecnica Europe has always been attentive to the needs of customers and offers the opportunity to customise the presses purchased.For example, in order to operate the machine, we offer the option of choosing between a remote control or a crane.In addition, the models Manta and Orca, can be moved by trucks equipped with a loadable equipment.The Condor and the Grifone, on the other hand, could be equipped with lifting cylinders, which allow lifting and transport on trucks with semi-trailers.

Our customisable and efficient presses

Our models, particularly sought after in the field of ferrous scrap recycling, are able to cut, compact and press large quantities of scrap, ensuring high production standards.

The shears of Ecotecnica Europe are: Gladio (light line), Katana (heavy duty line) and Smart (line designed for those who work non-ferrous metals).

The presses differ in the arduousness of work they do. In fact, all machines are equipped with steel blades of the highest quality and moved hydraulically by cylinders, which determine the power of the cut. They are equipped with radio control or, where the cabin is present, with a control console. The machine with remote control allows to reduce the costs of the operator, because the processing can be performed by one person, instead of two. In addition, to protect the health of the operator, the cabins can be soundproof and air-conditioned and in the latest machinery, all the components of the hydraulic power plant (hydraulic oil tank, engines, pumps) are placed inside a soundproof container.

What is the production time of a shear press? In a “normal” production scenario, the manufacture of a shear press takes about 6 months.Unfortunately, today, the financial crisis, the geopolitical situation, with the relative scarcity of raw materials and the pandemic still in progress, have considerably slowed down the production cycle.

Why choose Ecotecnica Europe shear presses and presses?

Ecotecnica Europe is a company with consolidated market experience, always attentive, on the one hand, to the needs of the customer during the production cycle and, on the other hand, to the protection of the environment.

In our work it is essential to offer customer service, not only in the sales phase, but also during the installation of the machines and in the after-sales phase.

All presses are provided with documentation in compliance with current CE regulations and our customers are instructed to use correctly the machinery at the time of installation in order to make the personnel responsible for managing the machine immediately operational.

In case of need, where possible we provide remote assistance, having equipped the machine with an interconnection system and the possibility of being networked for remote assistance.

The goal is to solve the problem without having to intervene on the spot, ensuring the resumption of production in a short time.

In summary, the Ecotecnica Europe shears stand out for:

  • High quality components, produced in Italy
  • Customisation of presses according to customer requirements
  • Remote or on-site assistance
  • Machines that meet the requirements for the request for Industry 4.0
  • International sales and support network
  • Warranty on presses and presses shears of 12 months or 2000 working hours

Come and talk directly with our managers: we are in Monterotondo (RM) in via A. Einstein, 26.

Presses from Ecotecnica Europe: how we optimize production time.
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