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Shear presses: new or used?

2 August 2022

Actually, as we will see in the continuation of the article, the choice between new and used presses is a false problem, everything depends on the needs of the customer, unfortunately dictated by the current geopolitical situation as well.

The repercussions of the war on the production of components for the production of presses and shears have been immediate, but consequences are also estimated in the long term. The Russia-Ukraine war has had a major impact on the steel sector, causing a shortage of raw materials and semi-finished products. In addition, to increase the financial burden on companies, there is a stop to exports on companies. To better understand the situation, just think that Russia is the fifth world producer of steel and Ukraine is in the thirteenth position: in total the two countries meet 5% of the world demand. The war has exacerbated a situation already complicated by structural reasons with stocks and limited production autonomy.

What are the consequences of the geopolitical condition on the production of presses and shears? as immediate consequence, the relative scarcity of raw materials and the considerable increase of the costs, has produced a dilation of the times of delivery of the new one. Where in a previous phase companies like Ecotecnica Europe were able to guarantee customers fast deliveries, completed within a few months, today it might even take about 1/ 2 years.

It leads to the demand for used presses if the customer needs an immediate machine.

New presses: why is it worth waiting for?

Our used presses are carefully overhauled and guaranteed for 6 months and we are pleased to be able to satisfy the customer’s requests, in a perhaps delicate moment of his business.

Furthermore, especially when the business is in its infancy, you can consider buying a used press. In fact, if the needs are not really urgent, our advice is to wait and buy a new press, enjoying all the benefits and safety of a guaranteed machinery.

At what price? The new shears presses and presses can be purchased by taking advantage of all the possibilities provided by Industry 4.0. We remind you that today thanks to state incentives you can get from 60 to 95% of the tax credit and additional benefits.

A latest generation machinery is fully within the requirements to access the advantages of Industry 4.0. Ecotecnica Europe’s shear presses and presses allow you to buy a high-performance machine at a relatively low price, from safety devices of which a new press is certainly equipped to the automation of production processes to energy saving.

In conclusion, although our industry linked by a common thread to the steel industry is suffering from the component crisis, the advice is to always confront our agents, because they will guide you towards the most efficient solution in economic and qualitative terms.

Shear presses: new or used?
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